About Me


I’m a cloud architect based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I find my time split between deep technical work, and working with product, business, and dev teams to ensure ensure processes and architectures are aligned to business goals.

In my technical capacity I design, deploy, and maintain production workloads in AWS and Azure. From my toolbox I tend to pull terraform, puppet, and ansible to automate and maintain environments. My preferred glue is python and bash.

I cut my teeth in the telecom and web hosting industries, where I worked my way from tech support to senior system administrator and engineering roles. I built, maintained, and supported large VoIP backends supporting tens of thousands of concurrent users, including residential, commercial, and wholesale customers. I configured and maintained critical networking and load balancing infrastructure supporting many hundreds of thousands web and email customers across four data centres spanning two hemispheres, including assisting in the design and rollout of IPv6.

Outside of my professional responsibilities my hobbies including tinkering with a small kubernetes installation built on Raspberry Pis and I’ve pushed the capabilities of FreeBSD as a router about as far as possible within the context of a home network.

I do spend time away from a computer as well. I’m adjusting to life as a new parent, and  I enjoy good food and the occasional scotch, especially with friends.

You can find a pdf copy of my resume here.

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