Running Museeq on Mac OS X

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May 252011

I recently stumbled across an interesting soulseek client, museek+ It is broken down into a daemon backend and several frontends (GTK, QT, and even a console one). Best of all, the backend and frontends can communicate over UNIX socket or TCP connection, which raises the possibility of running the frontend on a completely different machine from the backend. This appeals to me greatly.
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Ubuntu Natty Narwhal and Xen

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May 032011

I was in the mood to refresh a few of my Xen virtual machines, and saw that Ubuntu 11.04 had been released, so I figured I’d give it a try. Ubuntu has typically been pretty decent under Xen, working well as either a hardware virtualized (HVM) or paravirtualized (PV) guest, but standards appear to have slipped with this latest release. I ran into problems with natty properly detecting and using both the NIC and the hard disk at multiple points in the install and setup. The instructions below will walk you through setting up a paravirtualized guest running Ubuntu 11.04. The instructions are pretty standard for any moderately recent release of Ubuntu or Debian, with the gotcha’s specific to Ubuntu 11.04 specifically marked.
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