Installing trixbox As A Xen Virtual Machine

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Dec 172010

My cordless phone are dying. For years now I’ve used a pair of GE cordless phones and a Linksys SPA2100 with the Primus TBB VoIP service. The batteries and LED screens on the phones are pretty well shot at this point, so I need a replacement. But why would I buy another set of analogue phones? That seems totally counter to my position as a VoIP tech.┬áSo here’s the plan: Get trixbox running as a paravirtualized Xen domU and configure a pair of Linksys WIP310’s to act as my house phones (the WIP310 is a wifi SIP phone in a candybar form factor, meaning they are essentially drop in replacements for my old cordless phones).
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ROM Of The Moment: Assonance

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Dec 062010

I’ve tried out a lot of ROMs in the last few weeks. Cognition was a great ROM, but is no longer actively developed, the developer having moved on to Perception. Perception showed a lot of potential up to and including build 4, but all builds after that have been unstable to the point of unusability. Axura CE (Captivate Edition) showed promise, but then some schoolyard drama appears to have killed off that project.

But the ROM of the moment and a serious contender for being my go-to ROM is currently Assonance 3.1.

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