Nov 202010

Samsung Captivate users who have reflashed their phones with Cognition, the GPS functionality tends to take a serious nosedive compared with the stock Rogers firmware. However, gdmuscle from the XDA Developers forum was able to figure out which files to pull from the original Rogers ROM that when used on the Cognition ROM seem to result in near perfect GPS performance.

For reference, I didn’t actually copy all the files from the rar archive posted by gdmuscle. I only replaced files that already existed in Cognition. Here’s the list:


I’ve created an that I think should work with ClockworkMod to allow you to copy the new files to your Cognition running Captivate with ease. If it doesn’t work (hey, this is my first attempt at an, you can use Root Explorer or ADB to copy the files over manually. This should work with any recent version of Cognition, but has only been tested with Cognition 2.3b6.


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